Here are some common questions we have been asked.

Our candy is 100% Canadian! It is made and packaged right here in Canada, according to high Canadian manufacturing standards. It is not the imported stuff. Our candy is a premium quality candy that has a fresh flavour and has an amazing chewiness- it’s just pure Yumminess!

Yes, we are halal certified in Canada.

We are 13 year old twins born and raised in Canada and we have always loved gummy candies! Due to our diet restrictions, we only consumed Halal products. Unfortunately, in Canada, the limited Halal gummy candy options available were all imported from other counties. So, we set out on a mission to create the best candy- and that is when Gobble Gummies was born! We really wanted to offer everyone the chance to experience a high-quality premium gummy candy that is Halal and proudly made in Canada!

No, our gummy candy products do not contain any alcohols.

Yes! Some of our flavours are 100% Vegan. Currently our Sweet Peaches and Sour Surfer gummies are vegan. We will be bringing on more vegan flavours soon!

Yes! All our candy is gluten- free. All our candy is made and packaged in a gluten free facility. 

No, all our candy is manufactured and packaged in a peanut free facility.